At NiuHair we understand the need to individualize each case, always caring and looking for a natural and aesthetic result.

We have the infrastructure and professionalization of the procedures currently most used in hair transplantation for the benefit of our patients. During your assessment, you will receive the necessary information so that you can fully understand your hair loss, as well as the technique that can best benefit you according to your particular case.

Fewer Interventions

We take care of your body by performing the least amount of intervention possible.

Greater Chance of Graft Survival

We work in the best way so we can guarantee the survival of the grafts.

Less Waiting Time

Our priority is you and treating you the best possible.

Aesthetically Excellent Results

Our work speaks for us.

Large Sessions


Large Sessions are safe, and produce exceptional results when performed in clinics like NiuHair Restoration Center by specially trained medical and technical personnel. Years of experience and several hundred patients are required to achieve the mastery and ability to practice a mega session.



  • Natural look.
  • Results in just a few sessions.
  • Grafts with guaranteed survival.
  • Amazing results.

Alopecia and Its Causes

The true cause of baldness in more than 95% of cases is due to Androgenetic Alopecia, a set of hormonal and hereditary factors.
This type of alopecia has the peculiarity that it affects only the front and upper part of the head, leaving the back and sides undamaged. Despite what many think, baldness is NOT due to stress, dandruff, seborrhea, poor diet or lack of irrigation.

Due to Androgenetic Alopecia, hair slowly begins to weaken until it falls irreversibly. That is why it is highly recommended to make a consultation to deal with the case on time.

Female Alopecia

As for men, androgenic alopecia is the main cause of hair loss in women.

It is an inherited condition that affects 2⁄3 of women who lose their hair. It can be transmitted from both the father’s and the mother’s side, or both. There is no known rule, hereditary transmission is complex.

Moreover, this condition can affect the members of the same family indifferently as it can also jump from generation to generation. As for man, related circumstances can also give rise to hair loss or participate in the effects of hereditary pathology.

New System for Hair Transplantation: SUPRAFUE


At NiuHair Restoration Center, part of our mission is to stay at the forefront of technology, benefiting our patients scheduled for procedures with the F.U.E. (Follicle Unit Extraction).


The obtaining and collection of the micrografts is through a friendly comprehensive platform for our patients and medical staff.

We managed to improve and standardize the quality and survival of the micrografts, as well as to make the time of obtaining them more efficient; reflecting significantly advances in the quality of medical and scientific engineering. We have managed to add with our cutting-edge technology, relevant benefits such as: superior results, effectiveness, minimal or no discomfort, fast recovery; adding in the end a better cost benefit.

At NiuHair Restoration Center we are sure that any individual, whether man or woman with baldness problems, who is in search of hair transplant procedures, deserves to be treated under a much less invasive technique and with better proven prognoses of success and satisfaction. in your results.



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